Arti Sondhi
Arti Sondhi is an Architectural Interior Designer trained at the renowned Inchbald School of Design in London. She has worked on projects in London, Johannesburg and New Delhi. Extensive travels and life overseas have influenced her design language with accents of different cultures and their aesthetics. Influences range from the sophisticated avant-garde style of London, the bohemian chic of Cape Town and the eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary design in the Indian milieu. Colour palettes and textures reflect the raw earthiness of the African vernacular, the vibrancy and richness of Indian heritage or the calm neutral tones of a cosmopolitan design.

Arti Sondhi Living is an Architectural Interior Design Service that specializes in bespoke interiors for both, Indian and International clientele.

Latest Projects

Why ASL?

Having executed many residential projects in South Africa, the United Kingdom and India, we have garnered years of experience that equips us to deal with each project in a professional and innovative fashion.

Every client's distinctive personal story translates into a tailor-made design. Bespoke furniture, lighting and accessories are produced in-house by expert craftsmen and artisans. ASL sources high-grade local materials from national suppliers and designs them into one-off pieces. Pieces made to international standards with exquisite detailing, in order to promote Indian craftsmanship and operate more sustainably.

Every step of the design process from conceptualisation to production and installation is carefully carried by our in-house team. ASL ensures the interiors come alive with every detail being thought through and immaculately manifested from the placement of expertly curated art and carefully edited accessories to strategically placed fresh-cut flowers.


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